is intended for those who want to break away from the search for control over external events rather than learning how to experience them and make the most of them. It's about learning to fully connect with oneself, in order to truly connect with others and situations 

This work is organized in two phases. Through aikido-inspired bodywork, it is, by physical experimentation with the basic principles and movements of aikido, to experience the Aiki posture.  For that, it will be necessary to become aware of the physical and mental obstacles at the origin of the tensions and to unblock everything that prevents the natural and healthy posture that is at the heart of the Aiki action.
This first phase also makes it possible to highlight that the same blockages that are generally found in everyday life.
The second phase consists through reflexive, mental and written feedback of reflexive work and analogy with personal or professional relational situations. This phase is guided by the implementation of tools inspired by ethnomethodology and pedagogical trends in the sciences of education.

 Our expertise and workshops are dedicated to individuals or groups and can be adapted to each specific problem found in most professional and personal environments.

Personal development/Coaching

You may bring any issues you want to work on. Together we will define the nature and modalities for your support.

You go on an adventure, in search of your wealth and your internal resources.


Aikido is the only martial art where two opponents agree to share a conflictual situation, the outcome of which must be positive for both. It means that it is no longer a matter of winning or of losing, but of considering within the conflict another way towards preservation and fulfillment. 

Team reinforcement
Experiment with aikido in a fun way with colleagues to create and improve existing bonds. To reveal and discover each other in a new light.
Better work together:
Build connection and meaning to improve professional collaborative practices and relationships. 


 An approach and a practice that could qualify as "dynamic meditation". At the same time a moment allowing one to refocus on oneself and on their body but also a moment to move and release the pressure.


Improve your sense of contact and connection to partners through the study and integration of all the parameters that allow a particular technique to emerge. 


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