Rachid Gouffi




"I have trained with Gouffi Sensei regularly over the last few years. His gentle powerful style, from my experience, is true and consistent with the style of Yamashima Sensei and it is real pleasure to enjoy. This, in my opinion, makes his practice is an important link to the Heart of Aikido. Gouffi sensei is a clear, energetic and joyful teacher so i hope you can enjoy!"


In september ben ik begonnen met aikido en sinds begin dit jaar heb ik les van Rachid. Zijn aikidostijl vind ik erg mooi, vloeiend en natuurlijk, en zijn lessen zijn een bron van inspiratie. Rachid kijkt goed en hij biedt aan wat je nodig hebt om je te ontwikkelen. Ik vind hem een geweldige leraar en kan zijn lessen aan iedereen aanraden. 


Rachid is een zeer kundig en plezierig Aikido docent. Zijn manier van lesgeven ervaar ik als prettig en heel functioneel. Hij weet mij uit te dagen om mijn best te doen en daarnaast laat hij mij begrijpen wat de onderliggende betekenis is. Hij legt veel nadruk op het gevoelsaspect van Aikido waardoor het voor mij nog interessanter wordt.


 'What I really like about the training with Rachid Sensei is that there is a lot of focus on the content of the movement and not just the form. Rather than repeating ‘empty’ movements the goal is to really feel the partners energy and adapt to it accordingly to get to the best situation for both. This study requires patience, sensitivity and can be frustrating at times, but it is very rewarding in the long run with lots of humor along the way.' 


 "Rachid is not only one of the most gifted aikidoka I know, he is also good at both conveying his knowledge of aikido and transferring (some of) his considerable skill to others. Being a teacher myself, in both aikido and psychology, I know how rare a combination that is to find in a single individual. Although he is by no means perfect, as an aikidoka nor as a person, he is constantly striving to become a better person. Not by setting goals towards that end, but by being open to the human experience and the inherent connection we all have to each other and the universe. I am glad that our paths have crossed." 

My professional career started in the field as a facilitator for children in difficult situations. Later, I‘ve supported the integration of people in precarious situations.
Having finally decided to move towards teaching, I resumed university studies which led me to become a training consultant. On behalf of French government, I worked with the various State partners as well as large companies for the development and implementation of tailor-made training courses.
I've worked for the Ministry of National Education as a Training Advisor and taught Education Sciences at Paris Descartes University before leaving Paris for the Netherlands.
These professional experiences have given me the knowledge and understanding of very varied public issues. They allowed me to forge skills in the organization of learning environments and support for subjects in the acquisition of knowledge.
 Today my approach that is rich of creativity, adaptability and follows a pedagogical approach centered on the subject. I define myself as a guide, coach or even accompanist of subject in search of "knowing of becoming".

Since 10 years, I have the chance to be a close student of
Master Takeshi Yamashima thanks to whom the doors of Japan opened for me. His approach is based on the principle of internal and external connection in the realization of techniques.
During those years of intense practice all over the world with him, I inspired myself of his approach to build my own practice.
After 20 years of practice, I am today Holder of a state diploma in Aikido teaching (DEJEPS), I teach aikido in Utrecht in my own Dojo "Musubi Dojo Utrecht" and also  in the Dojos of Leiden, Den Haag and Rijswik at their request as a guest teacher.
If these dojos appeal to me today, it is both for my expertise on the Aiki movement and my work on the internal-external connection in practice, but also for my ability to support the release of areas of tension and the experimentation of a unified movement linked to the partner and at the same time, these experiences allow me to continue my research and the practice of aikido


Practice with Yamashima Sensei

Practice with Yamashima Sensei

Practice with Yamashima Sensei

Practice with Yamashima Sensei

At the Hombu Dojo 

At the Hombu Dojo with Kobayashi Sensei

At the Hombu Dojo


Irimi Nage 

Practice in Germany