Our Approch


Based on the power of relaxation and spiraling movements, aikido techniques, while ensuring effective defense, invite the energy of an attack (destruction) into a movement that respects the physical integrity (creation) of all the protagonists. 

 In this new approach to the art of combat (Budo), it is no longer a question of damaging each other but of managing crisis and opposition to find harmony and security in circumstances of aggression and challenge.

A new approach of ‘self’ in action  to reconsider a problem not as a potential confrontation, but as an opportunity to share and to solve together.

  It is about cultivating this particular posture from which succeeding should not be reached at any cost and no longer be considered and planned exclusively in advance as the goal.  

An aikido technique cannot be planned, rather it is the result of the spontaneity and a permanent adaptation . Succeeding should be understood as the consequence of the accomplishment, step by step, of each of the stages necessary for the fulfillment of an action.

 Improve your sense of contact and connection then unexpected events are no longer threats but possibilities and opportunities  

 This induces a paradigm shift when it comes to considering the successful realization of an action together. 
It is no longer a question of seeking to control and acting on external events but of learning to let go and cultivate the (famous and so misused) "being here and now" with what surrounds us when it comes to difficult situations. 

Reconnect BODY and MIND and from this unity,  welcome any difficult situation from a stress free perspective. 


 If planning determines the (theoretically ideal) conditions for implementing and carrying out an action, at the same time it impedes the potential of its future. 

 How to face the evolutions, the changes, the emergencies? 

How to deal with what is new (unknown) or what is unforeseen (but known). How to perform when there is no pre-determination or when predetermination plays the role of blinkers.

We must question and understand the mechanisms, dynamics, representations by which we act. 

"Build awareness and vigilance of oneself in action." 

Through experimentation of the AIKI ACTION, bring to light a new way of seeing and acting and forge a supra-competence or transversal competence that is ''KNOWINHG OF BECOMING'' 

 and switch from reactive mode to reflected action. 

Actively switch from the negative loop to the positive spiral